Is It Better To Be A Mobile Detailer

All About Mobile Car Detailing

Starting a car detailing business isn’t easy, we know. Where do you start ? Do you know anything about car detailing before you even start a detailing service ?  There is so much to learn about starting a mobile car detailing business. It is not just car detailing. There is paint protection alone which is very much in demand and then you have paint correction which is highly involved with knowledge and if you don’t know this, you are going to get left behind in the car detailing industry

Paint Correction

Paint correction is an art which is either passed on through timeless auto paint correction specialists, or acquired over time with pain staking learning curves thrown at you. Paint correction is all all about removing swirl marks and imperfections from car paint and increasing depth of colour and high gloss. It is not just car detailing

Car Paint Protection

If you are starting a car detailing business, I can tell you one thing for sure, you are going to want to make car paint protection services part of your services as much as you will need to get a grasp of car paint correction so that you understand how to restore damaged paint surfaces. Car paint protection is very much part of the whole concept of car detailing as it falls under increasing shine. Whether you are using acryloplexin or ceramic coatings for car paint. Car detailing is not just car detailing these days.

Starting With A Mobile Car Detailing Business

When you are starting out with your mobile detailing business, you need to look around at the kind of competition that you have. The last thing that you want to do is to open a detailing business in a small town that already has a few businesses that cater to the population’s needs. It can be difficult being a newcomer in such a situation and you can have a hard time breaking your business in.

Once you have bought your equipment you may not have enough money to advertise yourself fast enough to compete with those already in the business in the area where you hope to work. It is therefore important to be able to identify who your competitors are. You should always have a business plan in mind before you start work, and assessing who your competitors are should be an important part of that plan.

How to determine who your competitors are:

*  First, find out how many legal mobile detailing businesses there are in the area. Go to the City Hall and get a list of all the business licenses granted to various kinds of auto detail services such as car washes – both fixed and mobile, auto detailers  – both fixed and mobile, MLM dry wash companies etc.

*  Check the Yellow Pages for advertisers. Look up businesses in your phone book.

*  Once you’ve got the names of your competitors down, visit them. Take a look at their equipment. Try and gauge how well their business is doing – do they have a long line of cars waiting outside? You can even talk to the customers as they leave to find out how they would rate the service they have received.

*  Once you have determined who your competitors are and have concluded that there is place for you in the area, you can make yourself known. You can start by distributing pamphlets. However remember that a lot can be done through referrals and not merely through pamphlets and the internet alone.

You can start your own business in mobile detailing. West Los Angeles CA also has a number of established mobile detailing businesses that you can join as an individual. Remember that building any business is about building relationships, and if you are good at what you doFeature Articles, you should have your business well on its way in no time.

Sydney Car Detailing

Some of the best businesses we know of around the globe are the car detailers in Sydney. Some of the best car detailers can be found in Sydney Australia and one professional and highly regarded car detailer that is constantly surfacing is Dr Buff Car Care who is found in Sydney. This guy is the dux guts when it comes to anything that is especially to do with car paint correction and car paint protection applications. You can find them on the map below or visit their site here for more info

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